Periodontic refers to the structures that support your teeth, which is your gum tissue and your bones. When I am evaluating you for good periodontic health I am looking at several indicators.

1. Gum tissue is not bleeding-If if is it is a sign that there is an infection in the mouth and you would at least need a more involved cleaning to manage it. 

2. There are no periodontal pockets-A pocket forms when the gum tissue begins to separate from your tooth. If there is a deep pocket it is an issue because bacteria can get in there, which causes disease and bad breath, and it also loosens support of the tooth. If there are pockets there is a range of treatment that would be recommended from scaling and root planing to a surgical option called osseous surgery. 

3. There is no bone loss-This will be seen on an x-ray. If bone loss has started to occur this can be a problem because your teeth can start to shift or you could possibly lose a tooth with no bone support. 

4. Gum tissue has not receded-This is seen when gum tissue has been worn away to the point where the roots of the teeth begin to show. This can become a cosmetic issue as it can be unsightly, a pain issue because it can become very sensitive, and a functional issue because it can cause shifting or loss of teeth in extreme cases. A gum graft procedure would be recommended when there is a lot of recession.


If you think you have any of these issues, please contact me right away. Otherwise these are areas that are monitored when you come in for your routine visits. 

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