Meet the Doctor

Meet the Doctor

I grew up in the greater Philadelphia area and headed to the Midwest when my family moved during high school. I earned my undergraduate degree from Aquinas College, a liberal arts college in Michigan, which I loved because it offered great diversity and a well-rounded education. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Dentistry in 1997 and my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Illinois in 1999.

Initially I worked as an associate as well as part-time at the Northwestern Dental Center for seven years. That period of my career is invaluable because it provided me with a deep understanding of the crucial link between dental and medical health. In 2003 I decided it was time to open my own dental office so that I could provide dentistry in exactly the way I thought was best. I wanted a practice where I could treat all patients equally, regardless of what their insurance coverage was, and where each patient received unique and intimate care in a comfortable and modern environment. In 2008 I opened my beautiful practice at 25 East Washington. I love Chicago and so I loved the idea of practicing dentistry right in the heart of it. Chicago is such a fun and interesting city and I always enjoy learning about what my patients do for work and fun in this wonderful city. 

I think dentists just like to work on teeth 24/7, but I do find the time for other passions. Running is probably my greatest passion and I am proud to say I have completed 11 marathons and 23 half marathons, with more to come. Traveling is another great passion and whether it's skiing with my friends, my five month backpacking trek throughout Europe before dental school, or my honeymoon in Italy, they are all adventures I will always cherish. My husband and I also enjoy doing yoga, going to baseball games, cycling, cooking and watching movies(He does well keeping up with me). 

I'm always interested in hearing about your travels, your favorite Chicago restaurant, or anything else that excites you, so please share the next time you are in!

dr michele knabe

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