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Our practice provides professional care based on your individual needs.  We are committed to providing a gentle, up-to-date, comfortable atmosphere as well as exceptional dental care to enhance and improve your quality of life.  We truly enjoy spending time with patients and are dedicated to educating them on the benefits of maintaining a healthy smile.  We look forward to meeting with you and helping you wear your best smile!

Dr. Knabe Specializes In:

  • Hygiene Maintenance
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Full-Mouth Reconstruction
  • Invisalign
  • Natural-Looking Restorations

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  • Dr.
    Michele Knabe DDS

    I grew up in the greater Philadelphia area and headed to the Midwest when my family moved during high school. I earned my undergraduate degree from Aquinas College, a liberal arts college in Michigan, which I loved because it offered great diversity and a well-rounded education. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Dentistry in 1997 and my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Illinois in 1999.

    Initially I worked as an associate as well as part-time at the Northwestern Dental Center for seven years. That period of my career is invaluable because it provided me with a deep understanding of the crucial link between dental and medical health. In 2003 I decided it was time to open my own dental office so that I could provide dentistry in exactly the way I thought was best. I wanted a practice where I could treat all patients equally, regardless of what their insurance coverage was, and where each patient received unique and intimate care in a comfortable and modern environment. In 2008 I opened my beautiful practice at 25 East Washington. I love Chicago and so I loved the idea of practicing dentistry right in the heart of it. Chicago is such a fun and interesting city and I always enjoy learning about what my patients do for work and fun in this wonderful city. 

    I know...you think dentists just like to work on teeth 24/7, but I do find the time for other passions. Running is probably my greatest passion and I am proud to say I have completed 11 marathons and 33 half marathons, with more to come. Traveling is another great passion and whether it's skiing with my friends, my five month backpacking trek throughout Europe before dental school, or my wedding in Italy, they are all adventures I will always cherish. My husband and I also enjoy doing yoga, going to baseball games, cycling, cooking and watching movies(He does well keeping up with me). 

    I'm always interested in hearing about your travels, your favorite Chicago restaurant, or anything else that excites you, so please share the next time you are in!

Patients Choose Dr. Knabe because She:

  • Offers a Clean Comfortable and Relaxing Atmosphere.
  • Listens to Patient Questions and always Addresses any Concerns.
  • Keeps an Open Dialogue with Patients when Discussing Treatment Options.
  • Explains Dental Procedures throughly before Treatment
  • Helps Patients Relieve any Dental Anxieties.
  • Builds Positive Experiences with Patients, which leaves them feeling Confident,
    Satisfied and with an Improved Quality of Life.

Free Whitening Go Trays for New Patients

Available for eligible patients after initial exam and cleaning



    This is one of the rare dentists that actually does almost all of the cleaning and checkup themselves. Seems like most places a dental tech does everything, then the dentist comes by for 30 seconds and looks inside your mouth, and moves along. Not Dr. Knabe - she is very thorough, and also really takes time to teach you about oral health and what you can do differently to help your teeth and gums. She will be my dentist for as long as I live in Chicago!

    Mark N

    Dr. Knabe was the most personable doctor I have ever encountered. I felt very comfortable and taken care of, I felt that Dr. Knabe truly cared about me and my knowledge about my own teeth and mouth. This was by far the best dentist experience I have ever had and I wish more doctors were as compassionate as Dr. Knabe.

    Mary H

    I have been a patient of Dr. Knabe's for close to ten years. She is thorough, professional, easy to contact and went out of her way to help me when I had a dental emergency. She is the best!

    Arleen D

    By far the best, most personal dental experience I've had in Chicago. Dr. Knabe made me feel comfortable instantly and gave me the personal treatment throughout my visit. She went through my dental history with me, really listening and offering explanations for things that had never been explained to me before. She did the most thorough cleaning I've honestly ever had, and again, walked me through every step of the process with detailed information and tips for improving certain areas in the future. I've never been given this kind of insight into dental care before, and I really appreciated it

    Ellie P

    I LOVE this woman! I used to hate going to the Dentist, but she has changed the whole experience for me. Comfortable seat (vibrating chair), great view, wonderful conversation, late office hours, and no waiting in a busy waiting room while a receptionist sits there answering phones. It is a very personal one on one experience. I hadn't been in a while and I was worried about it hurting and she gave me some numbing gel just to be nice for my cleaning. I ended up spending another half hour after my appointment just talking with her because I was enjoying the conversation so much! You just have to go see her. She's the best!

    Jenny K

    Dr Knabe greeted me at reception and did the cleaning herself. Normally, I barely have known my dentists because they sweep in at the end to do a quick exam. Not Dr Knabe. She really gets to know patients this way. Her office is small, clean, and modern with a great city view! She is VERY nice, personable, and interesting. I felt like I was making a new friend. We talked a lot and she still took extra time to explain things and make sure I understood.


    Like many people, I'm hesitant to go to my yearly exam/cleanings, but as soon as I arrived at her tidy clean office with a nice view of downtown and sat back in the comfortable chair, I was put at ease.  Michelle is a very friendly, energetic and cheerful dentist who truly enjoys her job, her persona makes you feel comfortable and she's also a great conversationalist if you're so inclined.

    Chris O

    Hands down the best dental office I have been to in Chicago.  Dr. Knabe and her team are true professionals and make sure you have a great experience.  I highly recommend Michele Knabe DDS

    Alex R

    Dr. knabe is very personable, detail oriented, just simply amazing. If you don't understand something she says, she will even draw things out to help you understand! She takes her time and NEVER makes you feel unwanted or rushed. From the moment you step into her office being greeted by her receptionist to the moment you leave, you will walk out feeling like a superstar.Her office is in a super convenient location right in the loop. I love her location bc it only takes me 10 min from my place all the way up to her office!

    Tiffany K

    She is very thorough and explained EVERYTHING she was doing.  I only went in for a cleaning, but she took a lot of time to talk to me about my teeth as well as my other dentist experiences, which weren't all that great!  I came to Dr. Knabe because I was unhappy with my previous experience with a different dentist.  I can't rave enough about my visit with Dr. Knabe.  All I know is that I'll be back without hesitation and my search for a good dentist in the Loop is now over...thankfully!  I'm just happy I don't have to dread my dentist appointments anymore.

    Amy W

     I was pleasantly surprised that the entire time I was in the office, she personally performed absolutely EVERYTHING herself, without an assistant! Yes you read that correctly. She took my x-rays, cleaned my teeth, and performed what is without question the most thorough examination of my teeth and overall dental health to this point in my life.She was super informative about every detail of how to best take care of my teeth and mouth, and all the while, very welcoming and for lack of a better way to put it.... happy. Not to bash the dental profession, but I have yet to come across a dentist who operates with such a positive, warm, and welcoming attitude as Dr. Knabe, in fact no where even close.

    Dana R

    Honestly, I'll never go to anyone else for my dental care as long as Dr Knabe is in practice. This is not a one-time review, I've been to over 4 visits for routine care. Dr Knabe and Valarie are incredible, make you feel like your dental care is the most important thing in the world for that moment in time, make you feel like you're family, and deliver top notch dental care. Scheduling is easy - the office is incredibly responsive and has good availability. Easy to get to in the loop, literally right off the red line. I love that Dr Knabe is so personable, and is also clearly an expert in her field. She takes the time to teach me about my teeth (and how to care for them) during my appointments - I'm actually excited to go home and floss. She somehow has figured out how to always make you feel like she has all the time in the world for you, while keeping up with her busy schedule. It's nice to know I have a "go to" person who really, honestly cares when it comes to dental care. I was referred by my brother (who also loves her) and will refer all of my friends. 


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